Who we are (about us)

Welcome to Women Building & Investing in Success!

We are very excited you have found WBIS and welcome you to our community! WBIS is a network of dedicated and results-oriented business women, simply helping women build strategic alliances and increase the net worth of your business. Hosted by WBIS members, here you will find events, workshops and what we term as networthing opportunities to grow your business. 

WBIS is positioned to help women in business leverage networking time, expand their message, take time for self and build clientele. After all, that’s why we are in business. 

How do we do this? 

  • Invite a colleague to join you for an upcoming meeting
  • Introduce yourself to the group. NO sales pitches.
  • Engage in meaningful and professional conversations during presentations
  • Treat yourself for a job well done in your business this month
  • Share your thoughts on the spot about your experience. YOUR feedback is KEY!
  • Join Us for WBIS signature PartnerUP(sm) discussion after the luncheon


1.  How much time do I need to commit in the middle of the day? I’m an owner, have another client meeting, a contract in the works, pick up my children…etc.

  • 1 1/2 hours. YES. A powerful 1 1/2 hours a month to grow your net worth and maintain the stamina of your growth

2.  What type of people will I meet?

  • We do not discriminate based upon your ‘Ideal Client.’ It is our experience and track record that one never knows who can lead them to a quality connection and one degree of separation is all you will need when attending a WBIS meeting.  It is your responsibility to engage in building a quality relationship with a colleague outside of our meetings. Remember, if you are going to be a quality member…BRING quality clients and colleagues to grow small business relationships.

3.  Direct sales is a multi-billion dollar industry. I’m in direct sales/network marketing. Is this a group for me?

  • Are you interested in the personal/business development topics we will address? YES. We understand you have proven marketing systems for your sales. WE have an open door policy and participants can direct their concerns to our meeting facilitator. WE will ask you to leave or not return if you are prospecting for a sale or recruiting individuals to your company during our meetings. Our membership by-laws clearly explain expectations. Your intention and action must be to connect for quality relationships and build the relationship. If you would like to exhibit products during an event, simply submit a request and we can discuss. Members are given first priority for quarterly events.
  • Bridging the gap in the understanding of business models, we ask professionals to have an open mindset and be mindful in your decisions to support women who are building and investing in their lives and business.Yes it’s your choice…BUILD COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS.