What is Content Writing? (Beginners Guide)

The benefits of using an intermediary like Upwork or Fiverr is that a freelance content writer can focus on their work and not on client acquisition. The problem is that:

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Average Content Writer Salary By State

What am I worth?

Content Writer average salary by State

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The average Content Writer salary is $60,383 per year, or $29.03 per hour, in the United States. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $43,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $83,000. As most things go, location can be critical. Nevada, Utah, California, Alaska, and Washington provide the highest Content Writer salaries.

What does a content writer actually do?

As the definition of content in the digital marketing world continues to evolve, the role of a content writer can vary. Some content writers focus specifically on a certain aspect of content production, such as researching and writing blog posts optimized for the search engines.

They can help with pinpointing potential terms and phrases you should be using in your content. Some will also give you guidance on things like long-tail and semantic keywords.

Content strategy: Content writers can work solar or with content marketing specialists and assist you in developing an end-to-end content strategy. This could involve determining what kind of blogs, eBooks, listicles, and whitepapers you should develop and publish.

Content production: Perhaps the most important role of a content writer is actually creating content. These professionals create everything from blog posts to web pages on the behalf of a client.

Some will offer things like edits and updates for free with their work. You may also be able to request ongoing metrics to see how content is performing.

However, some content writers do all of their proofreadings and editing themselves. This could mean you need to pay for additional hours of service, however.

Publishing and outreach: Content writers will usually be able to upload your content to your chosen platform. This could mean adding posts to a WordPress site and scheduling them.

Many professionals will also help with the creation of a content calendar, so you know exactly when to publish and promote each piece of content. Certain content writers can also assist with outreach to other guest blogs and publications,

The exact work done by your content writer will depend on who you hire. As the content writing marketplace grows more saturated, many professionals are offering bonus services to increase their opportunities for attracting customers.

What is makes their blogs and writing so profitable?

People definitely won’t purchase something they don’t know about. Therefore it is important to make people aware of the product or services you provide. Being noticeable in the market is highly essential, as it helps you to find clients and customers.

Well, writing as a profession cannot be pursued by just anyone. Almost everyone in content writing has an interest in writing. Otherwise one without interest cannot sustain this career as a long-term career. It takes a lot of patience to build a foundation as a content writer.

Now that passion is turned into a profession, being money minded can help one earn a living. Successful bloggers and writers are found to use smarter ways to gain traffic. Using eye-catchy headlines, driving traffic from social media platforms, investing money in marketing practices are some of the things highly successful bloggers and writers exercise.

Instead of depending on the traffic, learning about how big is your audience and how many active readers a blog has could help one understand better how well their blog is performing.

A highly recommended way to find a potential audience is through email subscriptions. This method is proven highly effective by some of the most successful and exceptionally well-performing blog writers.

Content writing salary could be multiplied by exercising such techniques. Content writers practising marketing strategies are more likely to earn better content writing salaries than others.

A content writer can earn a considerably higher amount than other creative departments. There is a lot of money in this industry; one should know to extract it with content writing and marketing.

The above were some of the practices that could help one grow their writing career. Exercising these practices have proved to be highly beneficial in terms of the money writers earn from content writing.

The doubts initially people have who are willing to start their career in this industry is generally about how much they can earn. If you have an interest in writing, you can go after earning money from writing.

My Advice to Writers

Based on my own experiences, the experiences of the more successful freelance writers I know, and the results of the survey, I can deliver a few points of advice that should apply to just about any freelance writer looking to improve.

First of all, stick with it. If you want to make a career out of writing, you need to put in the time. A lot of success comes down to meeting the write people, and you’re not going to be able to jump in as an inexperience newbie and make the right kind of connections. Serious clients aren’t going to entertain someone with no portfolio and no recommendations, after all.

That’s not to say that you need to do your time in the grunt mills. Content mills like Textbroker have so little room for advancement that they’re more just for filler and education. You can make some money, you can get the hang of the style guide, but once you’ve done your time you should pack up and move on to better paying gigs.

Where do you find those gigs? Well, according to the survey, clients come from a handful of different sources. You can get hired on as a writer working for a content production agency, which is like a step up from the content mills. You can take a further step up and partner with another freelancer, a designer or professional making sites who can sell your content production services. In fact, a good portion of high earners work with the high-end boutique content production groups.

Otherwise, the ideal hookup seems to be working directly with various businesses. Small businesses, those with 50 or fewer employees, make up the majority of high earners. A majority of the minority come from working with businesses with over 51 employees, so the vast majority of high earners are working directly with businesses.

What Clients Writers Work With

Define Your Content Writing Rates

  • The more experienced you are, the more you focus on content close to sales (like copywriting and ebooks), and the more complex the project, the more you can charge.
  • Aim to work outside freelance marketplaces; develop your writing site, and attract clients there. Focus on building relationships with your clients so you can get repeat and referral work.
  • Per-project fees are better than per-word. Per-hour pricing isn’t common, although you can use it to base your project fees.
  • English Native speakers from countries like the US and Australia make an average of $25 per hour, while Canadians make 22% less than them, and British writers make 10% more. If you live outside these countries, you can adapt your fees accordingly. But remember, your location shouldn’t be the only factor you take in your calculations. What matters is your content quality, not where you live.

These writing rates are only a point of reference. If you can develop your brand and provide a unique, high-value service to your clients, you can charge as much as you want.