WBIS began as an idea in 2003 to help forge professional relationships in the community for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate their best selves. During the process we have experienced the ebbs and flows of navigating the economy, the culture of the area we live and continue to work diligently, bringing valuable community resources to the table for women to learn, build and grow their unique business models.  The economy has changed and so has the personal economy of some participants. NO WORRIES…we strive to deliver topics per our member requests, providing the motivation and CAN DO attitude as you move toward your next steps.  The core of our effervescent educators and community partners is frankly, over the top as you might have experienced and embraced!  As the membership expanded across the NOVA area and our members began launching their brands and expertise to new territories, we found the need at times to host educational luncheons, 1/2 day workshops and a mini-conference, exposing our members’ expert gifts they deliver to their clients. Many profitable and valuable relationships have developed over the years for our participants, which in turn keeps the heart of the WBIS alive no matter the seasons of organizational development.  Thank YOU to each person who has rolled up their sleeves and invested in cultivating the core of who the WBIS is and how it currently serves the community. We are grateful for your GREATNESS!

Your GREATNESS impacts the women you meet at the WBIS by:

  1. Allowing women entrepreneurs to voice their thoughts, share experiences and cultivate relationships over time.  If you have not facilitated a WBIS meeting, we would LOVE for you to become a speaker.
  2. Allowing women of diverse business models to be accepted and embrace a changing environment where self-branding and best practices lead to growth individually and collectively.
  3. Allowing the WBIS to create a special fund that supports women in niche businesses. Learn more about our NetGIVING Foundation.

Together we create NEW opportunities for one another, accomplish NEW projects for the economic development of community and continue to build a NEW landscape for women to thrive in the diverse communities we serve.

From my heart to the next steps…THANK YOU for your support and may your blessings continue to be bountiful in your 2015 journey to success.



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