The Most Interesting Topics About Business You Can Write About

The great thing about business topics is that you have millions of ideas to choose from. This is not an exaggeration because you can choose from main industries, sub-industries, niches, sub-niches, and subtopics within niches and sub-niches. If you do the math, maybe it’s even more than six figures of topics.

However, in order to truly catch someone’s attention, you must write about an interesting topic. But how do you identify an interesting topic? Others may feel that you should write about popular topics. However, business readers are more interested in learning something new. In that case, you need to be up to date on current business practices.

Since there are so many industries to choose from, you need to start by dissecting one industry that you’d like to write about into a hyper-specific topic. For example, you can start by writing about translation services and cut down your topic until it focuses on one small aspect of the industry. You may end up with a topic like ancient languages, language origins, business practices by the best translation site, and so much more.

So, since there are too many topics to choose from, we will give you examples of ways to integrate interesting topics into any industry you want to write about. Here are your options:

Interesting Business Topics

  1. Effects on the Stock Market

All businesses and industries affect the daily rates of stock markets all over the world. In this case, you may choose an industry, a country, a stock market, and the stocks you would like to discuss. This can be the most difficult, but rewarding topic. Many people want to learn more about the stock market today, so this may be your chance to discuss it in a simple way that everyone can relate to.

  1. Disruptive Ideas

Disruption was a buzzword in recent years, but it’s rarely used today. However, the idea still persists. All new businesses are working to do something unique and provide a service that no one has ever offered before. This topic is quite interesting because it offers something absolutely new and unique.

  1. Internet-Based Businesses

The great thing about this topic is that many companies are going into the online business sector in varied ways. For example, no one expected manufacturers to sell directly to people online until Alibaba came into the picture. Now, other industries like farming, medicine, and more are considering best practices to offer online products and services. The key here is to find a topic on the best way to introduce a physical product and service into the online world.

  1. Advertising Changes

Ever since Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others started engaging more with its users, many businesses and individuals discovered new ways to advertise. Before, everyone relied on classifieds, magazines, television, movies, television shows, and other media to market their business. Now, anyone can advertise their product without spending millions of dollars on ad space or placements. Online advertising even has thousands of sub-niches that you can discuss like PPC, SEO, Facebook ads, etc.

  1. How Buyer Personas Change

Due to the advancements in technology, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing behaviors of consumers. That is why this topic needs to be studied and discussed in-depth. While buyers are predictable in a traditional sense, the data that advertisers used to rely on cannot be used in contrast to the increasing demand for new products and the changing demographics. In the past, there were men, women, and children.

Now, age brackets have become more precise and sub-groups of genders sprouted up, making it more difficult to know who your target audience is. So talking about buyer personas will give you lots of groups and sub-groups to discuss when writing your business essay.

How to Write Your Essay on Business

Now that you have access to interesting topics, we feel confident that you can devise any interesting topic when you start from these discussion points. Remember to write about an industry that you are knowledgeable about or study a new industry intently before writing your business essay.

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