Member Benefits

WBIS serves the Northern Virginia area, celebrating 10 years of mentoring to help women leverage change in their business and personal development acumen. Our leadership team is comprised of well established, experienced professionals, life coaches, career changers who understand the process of navigating the economy and delivering quality experiences through WBIS collaborative programs.

If you have attended a luncheon or event with the WBIS, you will certainly notice that exciting change is always in motion. You will always meet NEW people and build valuable relationships with a core group of peers. Our Young Professionals and business owners enjoy having quality and valuable support as they embark on their respective journeys and build quality connections for their endeavors in today’s marketplace.

We look forward to see you as we continue to add value to our WBIS membership in order to enhance your growth, allowing us to rise together as leaders in the business community.

It means a great deal to us to have you among the more than 1700 women entrepreneurs and small business owners who are a visible embodiment of Women Building & Investing in Success. We appreciate your interest in bringing your strengths to our organization.