It’s GIVING Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving with their friends and family! I was blessed to have my mom visit for a few weeks to help me wind down the year on the household front. It felt GREAT to take my time decorating for the Christmas holiday and taking a few extra moments of rest for myself.   She’s AMAZING and I understand how blessed I am to have her in my life.  Did you ever hear the phrase, “Every woman needs a wife?”  We love our spouses, significant others, and friends but there is something magical about having giving women around you as you prepare for next steps.  I think I’m beginning to understand what that means in every sense of my most recent transitions.

I was also grateful to have met a second cousin who I’ve not seen since she was in diapers.  She lives and works within 20 minutes of me!  She’s really excited to attend a 2015 WBIS meeting. Over the next few weeks, I will attempt some new cookie recipes. If you have a favorite, please send it to me.   I remember during the first few years of WBIS in Springfield VA, we attempted a cookie exchange. Quite an odd event for a professional women’s group but it was well worth the sweet risk.  The first year, everyone made and brought their favorite cookies to our December meeting. The second year, one of our members launched her gourmet baking business and for the next 2 years, many called on Gales Treats for their WBIS Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange cookies!  Now that I reflect on that time, how great are we as an ever evolving organization building our business foundations and supporting women with their gifts, talents, passion and unique ideas in our own special way?

WBIS has definitely evolved over time and we are very excited about our NEW program, The WBIS NetGIVING Foundation.  Our members have contributed funds to various non-profits over the years and we dispersed the funds to women who were on the rise of building their non-profit organizations and business endeavors.  The new program, WBIS NetGIVING Foundation is a Donor Advised Fund of United Charitable Programs, a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) public charity (Tax ID# 20-4286082).  The mission of the NetGIVING Fund is to support entrepreneurs who want to combine their business building acumen with their drive to support the community.  Monies are destined to be distributed to organizations that enhance the opportunity for advanced education and business development of women and girls in the growth mode of their careers.  During our soft launch this past November, we were able to begin collection of funds to the Foundation directly and had much fun, connecting with one another.  It was great to reconnect with a colleague who was active at the WBIS years ago.  She used to be a Direct Sales Consultant and today is an executive at a trade association. She’s a TRUE WINNER and we appreciate her commitment to WBIS in recognizing, we are here for one’s  journey to success!

If you missed the November NetGIVING Foundation mixer, we are looking to build another NetGIVING event for Spring.  We would appreciate your consideration in helping us launch a NEW idea to build our social responsibility platform. Inbox Us if you would like to assist. We have the protocol….searching for 5 exuberant women to help the event come to fruition. We want to continue the mission of assisting women in business and career growth while we are building our 2015 endeavors too! If you do not have the time to commit and are passionate about helping other women with their business and life goals,  let’s CELEBRATE the NetGIVING Foundation on this GIVING TUESDAY  day. No cookies to bake this year! Simply make a donation of any amount to the NetGIVING Foundation by clicking the link. If you would like to bake cookies with me, I’m open to scheduling a day over the next few weeks too!

BEST to the remainder of the Holiday Season for you and your families. Thank You for all you do to contribute to the success of WBIS in the community. SAVE the date for January 8 for our next formal meeting. Please, if you have questions about WBIS or the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section. We’ll be online to address your questions today until 2pm.


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