Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season!

Thank you for being part of the WBIS 2015 community. We are grateful to everyone who actively supports our mission, Women Building & Investing in Success.  I’m personally grateful for those of you who participated in our programs this year, helping our members continue to grow and develop their foundations, business endeavors and support of professional development.  I am excited to see and hear stories of members taking the time to invest in one another.

Kicking off 2015 with the Mission/Vision and goal setting workshop was a very rewarding experience. I have personally tried to keep in touch with many who worked together on that day. As a few of the relationships develop, it is a blessing to see how collaboration can be a great result for one’s journey.  I thank those of you who allow me into your personal space and honored to serve you the best way I know how to assist.  It is always my hope that everyone’s goals, dreams, and vision come to pass and you are in a place to continue moving through the next steps.

Linda Wheeler often expressed her intention to the group regarding the launch of her Real Estate Workshops.  This moment came to fruition as WBIS women supported her goal in February.  Who enjoyed the Paint It Forward Event? I think of the fun we shared as well as the affirmations many of you painted in place for your goals this year. LOVED Taylors Sweet T Cakes!!   It is with GREAT joy to inform everyone, Robin McClure’s free-standing studio will be open in a few weeks!!!

AH—The winery event. This year we connected with a few ladies at Paradise Springs Winery.   The afternoon was beautiful and it was GREAT not having to dodge a thunderstorm this year.  Many powerful and community connections took place that day. The year took an interesting turn for me personally the day after the June event.  For those who have wondered, what is Sheila doing now?  The answer is rehabilitation from a car accident.  I’m healing each day and as each day passes, I gain a little more momentum to keep my faith strong, family in motion, mind at peace, adding something to the new WBIS website and searching for projects where I can flex my community advocacy voice and business skills.

I’m grateful to Valerie Brown. She reached out to me after quite some time and wanted to re-engage with WBIS.  We spoke at great length and she asked me if I would be interested to hold an event for the end of the year. OF COURSE, I JUMPED at the opportunity.  This has been a challenging year for our nation and for our world socially and economically.  I thought it would be a great gesture to celebrate World Kindness Day.  Valerie took reigns on the idea and we managed to collaborate with a yoga studio in Alexandria VA.  Thank You to those who supported the endeavor.  It was GREAT to meet Ella’s daughters. I was also very happy to meet Valerie’s daughters and their friend Iya who took photographs of the event as well as seeing Samantha and her teenpreneur, Taylor!

Many transitions have taken place on the family front too! The oldest is attending University and adjusting well to his new home. The middle guy is digging into one of his big dreams and is playing with a Soccer Academy team while preparing for college entrance exams. OH and my BABY… He’s officially a tween!  He’s adjusting to all of the home changes as he slowly begins moving his belongings into one big brother’s room and making his room a media center for his friends.  He also switched soccer teams and was recently accepted to a Super Y team for summer.  Hubby and I celebrated year 25 in September on the college campus of our son– which happened to fall on Parent’s Weekend.  All we could do was chuckle and play ping pong in the lounge as we reminisced about the start of our college love for one another.  We also managed to sneak in a few date nights this year–BIG steps taking place as our boys are becoming young adults.

As I search for next career endeavors, a few experiences recently occurred where I was placed in circles, fully embracing the wonderment around me. With that broad statement, it is my intention to continue building WBIS in the community and I ask for your leadership and suggestions.  If you would consider a few ‘to do’s’ for me today, I would be grateful.

One, in my quest for knowledge, building new skills sets and wanting to share those with you through the luncheon events, WBIS has launched an e-Learning Center.  This online platform is designed with video tutorials that will support your career and business knowledge.  We will plan specific workshops around the content in the platform. If there is a topic you are well versed in and would like to lead for discussion in 2016, please contact me. We have a unique idea to help our members expand their message too!  It is my ASK that you take 5 minutes today to become part of the e-learning community.  There is no charge for the tutorials or to register your profile on the platform.  There are several self-paced classes you can view and receive a completion certificate for a minimal fee. A BIGGER dream was realized this fall and I am grateful for the partners who have come on board to sponsor WBIS and my vision to arm women in our communities with educational tools to grow personally and professionally —on their own terms.

Second, Constant Contact and WBIS  have partnered to assist business owners with their e-communications. I am now authorized to teach Constant Contact to organizations and associations. If you are using Constant Contact or want to learn more, I will roll out webinars and seminars in the community. If you want to support the mission, try a free 30 day trial for your business, connect with me at an upcoming  2016 workshop or introduce me to organizations where you think I would be a good fit.

Lastly, WBIS will meet in January at True Food Kitchen in  Fairfax, VA. This is a re-scheduled informal meeting from earlier this month. I think we should still meet,  bring a gift for exchange and simply network with one another.  February, we will continue the year with a full day workshop designed to help one understand their 2016 blueprint through DISC assessments.  Watch for the WBIS newsletter in January with detailed information.

OK…I’m taking the next few days to REST,  RELEASE AND RELAX with the boys…Looking forward to see STAR WARS.

Enjoy a Happy  & Blessed Holiday Season!


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