The Most Interesting Topics About Business You Can Write About

The great thing about business topics is that you have millions of ideas to choose from. This is not an exaggeration because you can choose from main industries, sub-industries, niches, sub-niches, and subtopics within niches and sub-niches. If you do the math, maybe it’s even more than six figures of topics.

However, in order to truly catch someone’s attention, you must write about an interesting topic. But how do you identify an interesting topic? Others may feel that you should write about popular topics. However, business readers are more interested in learning something new. In that case, you need to be up to date on current business practices.

Since there are so many industries to choose from, you need to start by dissecting one industry that you’d like to write about into a hyper-specific topic. For example, you can start by writing about translation services and cut down your topic until it focuses on one small aspect of the industry. You may end up with a topic like ancient languages, language origins, business practices by the best translation site, and so much more.

So, since there are too many topics to choose from, we will give you examples of ways to integrate interesting topics into any industry you want to write about. Here are your options:

Interesting Business Topics

  1. Effects on the Stock Market

All businesses and industries affect the daily rates of stock markets all over the world. In this case, you may choose an industry, a country, a stock market, and the stocks you would like to discuss. This can be the most difficult, but rewarding topic. Many people want to learn more about the stock market today, so this may be your chance to discuss it in a simple way that everyone can relate to.

  1. Disruptive Ideas

Disruption was a buzzword in recent years, but it’s rarely used today. However, the idea still persists. All new businesses are working to do something unique and provide a service that no one has ever offered before. This topic is quite interesting because it offers something absolutely new and unique.

  1. Internet-Based Businesses

The great thing about this topic is that many companies are going into the online business sector in varied ways. For example, no one expected manufacturers to sell directly to people online until Alibaba came into the picture. Now, other industries like farming, medicine, and more are considering best practices to offer online products and services. The key here is to find a topic on the best way to introduce a physical product and service into the online world.

  1. Advertising Changes

Ever since Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others started engaging more with its users, many businesses and individuals discovered new ways to advertise. Before, everyone relied on classifieds, magazines, television, movies, television shows, and other media to market their business. Now, anyone can advertise their product without spending millions of dollars on ad space or placements. Online advertising even has thousands of sub-niches that you can discuss like PPC, SEO, Facebook ads, etc.

  1. How Buyer Personas Change

Due to the advancements in technology, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing behaviors of consumers. That is why this topic needs to be studied and discussed in-depth. While buyers are predictable in a traditional sense, the data that advertisers used to rely on cannot be used in contrast to the increasing demand for new products and the changing demographics. In the past, there were men, women, and children.

Now, age brackets have become more precise and sub-groups of genders sprouted up, making it more difficult to know who your target audience is. So talking about buyer personas will give you lots of groups and sub-groups to discuss when writing your business essay.

How to Write Your Essay on Business

Now that you have access to interesting topics, we feel confident that you can devise any interesting topic when you start from these discussion points. Remember to write about an industry that you are knowledgeable about or study a new industry intently before writing your business essay.

Best Parts to Include while Writing an Essay On Women in Business

Today women play a significant role in the business sector. Women are believed to understand, making them good managers. Women have contributed significantly to the business world. Today, women are confident and competent as men, make them rise to hold dominant positions like men. An essay on “women in business” will try to explore the level at which women have manipulated business in the world

  1. Who Can Write a Paper for Me and Polish Up My Introduction?

Hire a competent writer to formulate a captivating introduction of women in business and include a thesis statement. A thesis statement should transition to the body of your essay smoothly. Sometimes I wonder who can write a paper for me. I just do a quick search for a writer.

  • List Successful Women in Business

 You will begin to write the body of the essay by given examples of women who have had a significant impact on the business world. The list will include women such as Oprah Winfrey, Ginni Rometty, Indra Nooyi, Christine Lagarde, among others. 

It also includes where they have excelled in all business sectors ranging from food, fashion, media, entertainment, information technology, and many more areas. You need to demonstrate diversity in which the female gender leads to economic activities and contributes to growth.

If you have a hard time to get information, you can use various phrases such as who can write a paper for me to look for a writer online. 

  • Aspects of Successes Full Women

The other part of the essay can feature characteristics that make women lead in business activities. You can state both personal issues associated with women and professional capability. Women are known to be moody, an element they use to their advantage. They also form strong bonds with their workers than most men, and these reasons enable them to understand their employees. 

It is easier for an employee to interact with a female boss. A female boss will do anything to help her employees where she can. Unlike male employees, female bosses will invite their female friends to a function in their home. Female employees are more cautious and calculative when taking a risky investment.

Searching for information online can be hard, especially when you do not know where to look.  If you have an assignment on gender equality essays, get an agency who offer essay writing services. To get a reliable one, you have to check for customer reviews and ratings.

  • Who Can Write a Paper for Me and Touch On Professional Competency?

You should also not forget to mention the professional competencies they possess, which enables them to lead in business. Experience, education, professional good manners make women equally proficient as men. Women contact essay writers to ensure that they excel in academics.

Given that men hold a large percentage of the most influential posts in industries, women work extra hard, by attending workshops and training and carry themselves with modesty to qualify for promotions. 

  • Women Contributions 

Lastly, you will recognize the contribution made by women through business activities and how it has contributed to economic growth. You can state that women pay tax to their government, which is a direct source of income to the government.

As top managers, they provide job opportunities to millions of workers across the globe. For example, they pay online essay writers after they have answered questions, and the paper is delivered. Also, it includes how women are getting good grades than men; hence, they choose business-related courses, and they continue to advance into top management levels in businesses.


Write a definite end to conclude the main aspects discussed in the body of your essay. Do not forget to write about women’s successful business characteristics and traits. Also, include the contribution that they make to economy and business. To reach a satisfactory conclusion, you should insist that women are the key drivers of an economy.

Easy Tips on Writing about Women in Business

When writing a topic about women, you will have such a wide option that you need to know what you should focus on. Students are often given the task of writing various types of essays on women. However, you may be thinking, “Is it easier to pay someone to write my dissertation for me?”

Why Would I Want to Pay Someone to Write My Essay?

In a way, hiring professional writing services can help. But you also need to do the work. Many writing services are open for paper reviews. This means that you can have your essays checked by experts after writing it.

Now you can start to concentrate on creating a draft for your essay.

One of the more interesting topics about women is how they gain footing in the business. When you look at businesses today there are plenty of women in positions of top power.

How did they get there? Is it harder for women to be in business? What types of businesses do most women run? These are some of the questions you can answer in your essay.

Below are some writing tips that can help you out. Write your essay with ease by making sure that you’re following the right steps.

The Proper Approach in Writing Your Essay

When starting your essay on women and business, you’ll need to know your subject well. Women in many parts of the world experience diverse cultures and economies. This is why it’s wise to choose a certain niche or part of the business world to focus on.

Narrowing down your focus helps you concentrate better on your topic. Women and business are both broad and general topics that could be easy to get sidetracked. Setting your focus before anything else helps create a better-quality essay.

  • Choosing a Relevant Topic in Today’s Society

One of the most important factors in picking out your topic is relevance. Women are changing in the present at a rapid pace and you’ll want to keep up with that.

With the many opportunities in business nowadays, it’s a thriving market for women to be in. You can take advantage of this and look at various issues or arguments that women face in the business. Whether it be women working in business or owning businesses, find a sound argument.

What aspect of their experience are you looking at? How does economic growth or decline affect the percentage of women in business? How receptive is the market to women-owned businesses?

The list goes on when it comes to topic possibilities. Don’t forget that the more relevant your topic is, the more interesting it is for your readers.

  • Structuring Your Essay

Once done with the topic, it’s time to organize your ideas. There is a basic structure that you have to follow with essays. If your professor has included instructions on how to structure your essay, follow it.

But for those who have the freedom to design their essay layouts, look at the structure.

The most common structure that most essays follow consists of the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body of the essay
  3. Conclusion

The number of paragraphs you use depends on how long you need your essay to be. At most, write one or two paragraphs for their introduction and conclusion. For the body, you have more freedom to decide on how long you need it to be.

In some cases, you can even include graphics, tables, and pie charts within the body. Adding graphics help in supporting the data you’re presenting. They also help show or explain information in a much simpler way.

  • Maintaining Continuity with Your Ideas

When writing the body of your essay, make sure your ideas flow together. This means you have to check whether your paragraphs connect with each other.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the data you present. Always make sure that one information will lead to another. This is to avoid confusing your readers.

The flow of your ideas starts from the topic sentence down to the conclusion for each of your paragraphs. Check if the information you share is logical and sensible. Use transition sentences that direct your readers to the next idea you’re presenting.

When you write the right topic sentence, you can transition from one paragraph to another. This helps you stay track of your topic and not go astray.

  • Don’t Generalize and Be Direct to the Point

Being vague and general in your essay can confuse your readers. When you have an argument or topic to focus on, stay with it. Your argument is the soul of your paper. You need to focus and use targeted information to address your topic.

If you have a word limit on your essay, generalizing won’t help. You need to get your point across your readers immediately. Don’t waste the body of your essay on generalization.

Each paragraph you create needs to address specific points you’ve brought up in the paper. Consider preferred options so you can explain what your opinions are. Avoid empty words and excessive explanations that lead to nothing.

Is It Okay to Pay Someone to Write My Essay?

Now back to this question. Paying someone to write your essay should be your last resort if you still have time. At least, start with a draft.

If you feel like you’re done with your first draft, don’t stop yet. “Is this where I can pay someone to write my essay?” The answer is yes.

It’s recommended to have it checked for grammar or spelling mistakes. Professional writing services can do this for you, especially during emergencies.

Make sure you’ve covered your bases and you haven’t missed writing anything. Bear in mind that getting that top score for your essay calls for a well-written paper.

Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season!

Thank you for being part of the WBIS 2015 community. We are grateful to everyone who actively supports our mission, Women Building & Investing in Success.  I’m personally grateful for those of you who participated in our programs this year, helping our members continue to grow and develop their foundations, business endeavors and support of professional development.  I am excited to see and hear stories of members taking the time to invest in one another.

Kicking off 2015 with the Mission/Vision and goal setting workshop was a very rewarding experience. I have personally tried to keep in touch with many who worked together on that day. As a few of the relationships develop, it is a blessing to see how collaboration can be a great result for one’s journey.  I thank those of you who allow me into your personal space and honored to serve you the best way I know how to assist.  It is always my hope that everyone’s goals, dreams, and vision come to pass and you are in a place to continue moving through the next steps.

Linda Wheeler often expressed her intention to the group regarding the launch of her Real Estate Workshops.  This moment came to fruition as WBIS women supported her goal in February.  Who enjoyed the Paint It Forward Event? I think of the fun we shared as well as the affirmations many of you painted in place for your goals this year. LOVED Taylors Sweet T Cakes!!   It is with GREAT joy to inform everyone, Robin McClure’s free-standing studio will be open in a few weeks!!!

AH—The winery event. This year we connected with a few ladies at Paradise Springs Winery.   The afternoon was beautiful and it was GREAT not having to dodge a thunderstorm this year.  Many powerful and community connections took place that day. The year took an interesting turn for me personally the day after the June event.  For those who have wondered, what is Sheila doing now?  The answer is rehabilitation from a car accident.  I’m healing each day and as each day passes, I gain a little more momentum to keep my faith strong, family in motion, mind at peace, adding something to the new WBIS website and searching for projects where I can flex my community advocacy voice and business skills.

I’m grateful to Valerie Brown. She reached out to me after quite some time and wanted to re-engage with WBIS.  We spoke at great length and she asked me if I would be interested to hold an event for the end of the year. OF COURSE, I JUMPED at the opportunity.  This has been a challenging year for our nation and for our world socially and economically.  I thought it would be a great gesture to celebrate World Kindness Day.  Valerie took reigns on the idea and we managed to collaborate with a yoga studio in Alexandria VA.  Thank You to those who supported the endeavor.  It was GREAT to meet Ella’s daughters. I was also very happy to meet Valerie’s daughters and their friend Iya who took photographs of the event as well as seeing Samantha and her teenpreneur, Taylor!

Many transitions have taken place on the family front too! The oldest is attending University and adjusting well to his new home. The middle guy is digging into one of his big dreams and is playing with a Soccer Academy team while preparing for college entrance exams. OH and my BABY… He’s officially a tween!  He’s adjusting to all of the home changes as he slowly begins moving his belongings into one big brother’s room and making his room a media center for his friends.  He also switched soccer teams and was recently accepted to a Super Y team for summer.  Hubby and I celebrated year 25 in September on the college campus of our son– which happened to fall on Parent’s Weekend.  All we could do was chuckle and play ping pong in the lounge as we reminisced about the start of our college love for one another.  We also managed to sneak in a few date nights this year–BIG steps taking place as our boys are becoming young adults.

As I search for next career endeavors, a few experiences recently occurred where I was placed in circles, fully embracing the wonderment around me. With that broad statement, it is my intention to continue building WBIS in the community and I ask for your leadership and suggestions.  If you would consider a few ‘to do’s’ for me today, I would be grateful.

One, in my quest for knowledge, building new skills sets and wanting to share those with you through the luncheon events, WBIS has launched an e-Learning Center.  This online platform is designed with video tutorials that will support your career and business knowledge.  We will plan specific workshops around the content in the platform. If there is a topic you are well versed in and would like to lead for discussion in 2016, please contact me. We have a unique idea to help our members expand their message too!  It is my ASK that you take 5 minutes today to become part of the e-learning community.  There is no charge for the tutorials or to register your profile on the platform.  There are several self-paced classes you can view and receive a completion certificate for a minimal fee. A BIGGER dream was realized this fall and I am grateful for the partners who have come on board to sponsor WBIS and my vision to arm women in our communities with educational tools to grow personally and professionally —on their own terms.

Second, Constant Contact and WBIS  have partnered to assist business owners with their e-communications. I am now authorized to teach Constant Contact to organizations and associations. If you are using Constant Contact or want to learn more, I will roll out webinars and seminars in the community. If you want to support the mission, try a free 30 day trial for your business, connect with me at an upcoming  2016 workshop or introduce me to organizations where you think I would be a good fit.

Lastly, WBIS will meet in January at True Food Kitchen in  Fairfax, VA. This is a re-scheduled informal meeting from earlier this month. I think we should still meet,  bring a gift for exchange and simply network with one another.  February, we will continue the year with a full day workshop designed to help one understand their 2016 blueprint through DISC assessments.  Watch for the WBIS newsletter in January with detailed information.

OK…I’m taking the next few days to REST,  RELEASE AND RELAX with the boys…Looking forward to see STAR WARS.

Enjoy a Happy  & Blessed Holiday Season!


4th Quarter Stretch…How are you doing WBIS?

4th Quarter Stretch…How are you doing WBIS?

Football season is here! As you may know, I am an avid Steeler Fan and Pittsburgh is my hometown! This season has been very interesting to see the team evolve as they develop new players and work through some of the negative press regarding particular players in the organization.   Looks like my Steelers are facing change in the face of adversity and will continue to work their hardest for an exciting season to produce RESULTS.  Once a FAN…ALWAYS a FAN!

I’m grateful to the professionals in my circles who are being active advocates during my 4th quarter stretch.  Exciting NEW opportunities are on the horizon for WBIS 2016. WE (WBIS members) are invited to a Film Screening, “A Single Step” with Voice of America on November 3, 2015. I’m extremely interested in the film to learn how to engage with our youth, future trailblazers. How do I position part of WBIS to be a platform for our youth as they navigate and climb higher or dig deeper for solutions to address economies, environmental and social barriers that plague the world or their own community?  If you are interested in further information about the documentary, visit our website to RSVP to the VOA organizer of this event.  Please inform VOA you were invited by the WBIS organization.

On November 13, 2015, WBIS will join in the World Kindness Movement.   The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world.  WBIS is known in the community for helping women to connect personally and professionally no matter where they are in their journey. Whether one is building their business or gaining professional training to enhance their personal development, WBIS delivers.  There are many stories shared with the WBIS team of women who enjoy WBIS as a professional place to meet, connect, and build relationships with one another. Our culture allows women to come and go as they please as we work behind the scenes to create viable professional connections for those who become active in the group.

Allow me to share a recent WBIS experience with you.  A few years ago, Valerie Brown, Consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, attended a few WBIS events.  Valerie has an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about supporting women over the age of 40 thrive in the next phase of life, giving them a springboard to continuously move forward. She and I became closer, taking a genuine interest in one another professional and personal goals. We have 5 children between us so there are definitely other types of conversations that take place.  We make a point to connect with one another by picking up the phone to say hello or liking a FB post. Valerie attends a variety of other professional networking groups and as great as they are, she indicates there is something different about WBIS.   As I explained my recent transitions and an idea I have wanted to create for WBIS activity, we created a concept for an event to celebrate others and take time for ourselves, thus our November 13th WBIS NetGIVING World Kindness Day event was born.

We also discovered a similar interest in yoga and are excited about learning more about the practice. As I began the internet search to hire an instructor at our usual meeting place or try something different with the WBIS, we knew we needed to support a woman owned business in growth mode of her practice.  Immediately, three woman owned businesses popped to the top of my search. I researched their sites and made cold calls…yes there is still validity in cold calling as a development strategy.  I sensed the voice was not a receptionist quickly fielding calls to a program manager’s voicemail or an automated messaging system pointing me to several options when I simply needed to speak with someone directly. A very calm voice answered the phone which led to refreshing conversation between Marsha and Sheila.  As I began to ‘pitch’ the World Kindness Movement event to Marsha Banks-Harold , she LOVED the idea and invited me to her studio the following day. We met, I explained my interests, desired outcomes, questions about the growth of her studio and how her beliefs have empowered her community. By the way, Marsha is married with 4 children, 2 yoga studios, a deaconess at her place of worship and an engineer by day, just to name a few of her internal strengths. We agreed, the WBIS NetGIVING World Kindness Event will take place at her studio on November 13, 2015. I shared the event idea with a few other women. They liked the idea and changed their schedule to support the event.  As the idea continues to evolve, we thought it would be informational to have a Holistic Wellness Coach and Raw Food Chef present while we experience the World Kindness Day concept together. Within a few short hours, Pauline Davis, Holistic Health Coach, called me on another matter. I informed her of the idea Valerie, Marsha and I were working on and she LOVED the concept. She’s coming on board to contribute her strengths to the event. Marsha’s colleague, Vikki Brown, certified Raw Foods Chef, graduate of the renowned Matthew Kenney Plantlab in Belfast, Maine is also ready to provide services for the event as our registration process begins.

Moving forward with the World Kindness Day event, we now have 5 women managing 11+ active children’s schedules located in different parts of NoVA and promoting World Kindness. We are connecting on different levels with one another collectively and individually.  Who knows how the professional relationships will evolve over time for each person?  We do know planning for this experience has been pretty exciting and seamless as we put our personal strengths on the table to support one another. As women with diverse careers, we are looking forward to collaborate and celebrate World Kindness Day. Join us for a unique experience.  We will enjoy a Restorative Yoga Session with Marsha guiding participants to pay attention to their bodies while moving through the physical limitations that may be blocking their ability to extend beyond comfort zones.  If you are new to yoga, we encourage you to join. It will be a refreshing and reflective personal experience. If you are an avid yoga student or interested in training to develop your yoga practice, Marsha welcomes you.


Date: November 13, 2015

Location: P.I.E.S Fitness Yoga Studio- 33 South Pickett Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, Virginia 22304
(Entrance 5201 Valley Forge Drive)

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Investment in your well being: $30 Pre-Registration Required
6:45-7:45- Restorative Yoga Session (Mats included. Please feel comfortable to bring your own equipment)
7:45- 8:30- Networking & Refreshments

Women, how are you Building & Investing in Success during your 4th quarter stretch?

Your Voice Matters, Your Action Matters…YOU are Appreciated

Happy Summer Ladies,

I hope all is well and everyone is thriving in their ventures.

I want to take a moment to update you regarding WBIS activity for the next few months. As many of you know, I intentionally fall off of the grid for the Month of July to reflect, evaluate and educate myself at different capacities. This month has been a life-changing month as I rehabilitate from a June car accident, work and prepare for new life transitions for the family.  I’m very grateful to my physical therapists and that my mind remains active :).

With respect to your interests and consideration of WBIS, I am working on a few online projects and will appreciate your assistance in circulating my needs to your network of clients and colleagues.

  • I am looking for a social media and digital communications professional. I have a description of the roles and responsibilities. Please send referrals with whom you have developed a relationship with and trust to accomplish your social media and digital communication goals. I’m not looking for social media professionals who are trainers or DIY colleagues. I need someone to work with me to accomplish specific objectives.
  • I am looking for content from you and professionals for an online magazine celebrating women I’ve met through the WBIS. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor for a minimum of 6 months or know women who are building their personal brand and would like an outlet to express themselves.
  • The WBIS website is undergoing a change for a refreshed and interactive interface. As I begin to re-design the website, it is my hope you will participate and share at your comfort level of online capability.   I would like to understand how to better communicate and engage with you individually and collectively. You may see the site offline throughout the next few months.
  • Please use the following link to identify a day of the week and time of day that is convenient for you to connect in person.  I would like to deliver a September meeting/luncheon that will bring us together in a ‘Town Hall’ setting.

Thank You for your continued support of WBIS and my life’s endeavors to build a net that works for the success of women’s entrepreneurship. BTW…we have heard several of you have been working together with colleagues met through the WBIS at one point in time.  Please send us a testimonial to share with the public on how WBIS has helped your bottom line, business expertise and network grow accordingly. By all means, feel free to pick up the phone and call me at 703.477.6350.

Art of a N E W Start!


I’m calling it and hope you are engaged in a prosperous season for your health and business goals!  Although we have not met in person for the past two months it is my hope you are staying engaged with one another outside of our scheduled meetings.  I’m very excited for our new Spring/Summer schedule and am grateful for the colleagues who are taking their time and resources to help us bond in 2015. Below are a few projects we are developing and look forward to you being part of and sharing with your networks.

I would like to begin by introducing you to Samantha Benson.  She owns a consulting business, Acts 3 Consulting, LLC.  Samantha is coming onboard to become our member liaison as we unveil new membership options. She resides in Alexandria VA with her 2 children and has been very kind to take ownership of our membership initiatives.  Let’s welcome her to the organization! If you have questions regarding your membership, renewal or become involved in speaking at a meeting, Set up an appointment with her today.

We will launch our 2015 schedule April 9th with an Evening Event of Painting Your Picasso for a worthy cause! Member, Robyn McClure has officially launched her NEW mobile business, Pinot’s Pallette.
Join WBIS in discovering your Inner Artistic Talent while celebrating Robyn’s NEW business endeavor. Three paintings will be chosen as WBIS ART DECO AWARD and will be auctioned supporting women in career transition and entrepreneurial endeavors.  WBIS will feature your Paintings on our Blog along with your business contact information.  What better way to have a conversational piece of art in your office to engage your clientele that your business also gives back to worthy causes?

Join Us April 9th from 6:00pm- 9:00pm for an Evening of Painting, Connecting and Enjoy the Spirit of Generosity as we tap into our creativity and build our WBIS NetGIVING Foundation.

Check out the photo we will paint for the evening.  Think about words that are part of your mantra for the year and let’s Paint It Forward!  Early Bird Registration is $39 per person, at the door $ 50.00 per … Supplies and Appetizers will be provided. If you choose to have spirits, they are available in the hotel for your purchase. 

We are also excited to highlight a NEW entrepreneur who will make us sweet treats for the evening!  Taylor is a young lady in high school who is working on her business, Sweet-T-Cakes and would enjoy your feedback on her product. She will be a sponsor of the WBIS NetGIVING event and we are looking for 3 additional business owners in the group to showcase their products at this evening event.  Mother’s Day is near and why not get it all done in one place?  There is an exhibit fee of $75 and a percentage of what is sold that evening, benefits the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation.  Contact Us for further sponsor information.


#StepUpWomen May 8, 2015, we are collaborating with a panel of women who are active in the community and political leadership.  If you have pondered becoming an advocate or politically active in your community and want to be a voice ….this will be a great event to attend.  While women’s organizations are rallying to increase the number of women running for offices, we decided this would be the perfect time to open discussion. Community Partner, Krysta Jones, founder of VA Leadership Institute will facilitate a powerful panel of community experts to address what it takes to STEP UP TO THE PLATE and find your voice.   We will have organizations,   community leaders and business owners in attendance. Please share this event with women you know who you think should run for office. Panelists include Catherine ReadKrysta JonesGrace Han WolfLauren Toomey and Sheila DixonRegister for  Friday May 8, 2015 8:00am-9:30am at the Hyatt Fairlakes 12777 Fairlakes Circle Fairfax VA 22033


SpeechCraft Workshops begin April 21, 2015! Thank You to Brittany Morrell for creating a WBIS alliance with Toastmasters International.  Brittany works with Randstad Technologies and joined WBIS in January.  As career women, entrepreneurs and women becoming more active with their public speaking skills, we decided to host a series of classes for our WBIS members and colleagues.  In collaboration with Toastmasters International, we will schedule in person meetings beginning April 21, 2015 to assist women interested in actively developing and honing in on their speaking skills.  You will work with  Northern VA’s Toastmaster’s Team over the course of six (6) weeks and take your speaking to the next levels. Seats are very limited.  Our ultimate goal in providing this workshop is to have you in a broadcast studio by the end of 2015. We would like a communications or media expert to assist us to the end of this project. Contact us for class information and registration. Phone 703.477.6350.

JUNE is our Annual Winery Affair at Paradise Springs! CELEBRATING YOU to summer and scheduling member presentations/workshops for Fall 2015/Winter 2016.  Keeping this event VERY simple and FUN…Bring a lunch or dessert item to share, bring your one sheet, video or audio clip of your presentation, schedule the month you would like to present, enjoy the grounds and network with one another.   We are excited at the possibility of having Virginia Colin, host of Voice America’s Family Matters and owner of Colin Family Mediation presenting to the group sharing how women can protect their empires.  Linda Wheeler and her husband have officially launched their Real Estate Investing Seminars and would like to show us how investing can help build our empires.  Sheyla Blackman has launched business-coaching individuals interested in Government Contracting.  If you have a meeting idea, workshop or program you would like to deliver, share it with us in June.  We will send out a poll to see which date works best for maximum networking amongst us. “Above the Line” Our potential is unlimited when we build collaborative communities.

This should hold us for a few months.  It’s a good feeling to see women in the group contributing their strengths as we forge through the year.  I look forward to spend time with Y O U this year at WBIS and continue to position our group as an “Above the Line” resource for women building their empires.

Best for a great month in your business!



A New Year for a NEW Season and NEW Results!

2015 is here and we send our best to you, your families and employees.  A group of visionary women launched the year with a team of phenomenal women who shared their best gifts to help others with focus, clarity and life strategies to propel them forward in their 2015 plan. We discussed personal values and how they transfer to your business culture. Jeannie Armstrong, challenged the group to identify one value that describes them and explain how they apply that value to their business models.

We discussed financial protection of your business, personal finance and building your legacy. Here’s a good example of a point made by Mary Grate-Pyos.  How many times have you decided that your ‘Emergency Fund’ needs to be at a certain level?   Do you realize how powerful your words are? They are so powerful as you have just implied an emergency may take place and you have just enough money to cover it.  Let’s move into 2015 with different language…Let’s call this fund our Peace of Mind Fund.

As the morning progressed, the workshop unfolded in a very unique manner.  It was a refreshing time for some, as participants felt very comfortable sharing their spiritual side and speaking into existence the progression of personal goals they seek for their 2015 success plan. Participants shared specific changes they want for themselves exclusively as they delve into their passion and business model transformations.    As participants began working on their vision board with collaboration taking place amongst one another, you could feel the exuberance and see the action steps that are going to shape their greatness for this year!  Thank You to Linda Wheeler, everyone had a great start to designing their vision boards. We decided a follow-up meeting needs to take place so that this unique group can come together and build stronger relationships with one another. They want to share their finished project and explain how they may need the assistance from each other to move into action. If you would like to connect with a group of women who share this same mindset, please take a moment to upload your professional profile to the website, We will send you a note regarding their follow up the meeting. If you attended the Mission, Vision, Goal Setting workshop, please feel free to share your experience below.

Remember, change brings opportunity.

Speaking of change, the WBIS is looking forward to an N E W YEAR! We have adjusted our schedule to incorporate alternating monthly morning and luncheon education opportunities along with our half-yearly, NetGIVING Foundation event taking place in April. We need movers and shakers to help us out, and would LOVE to have your collaboration!


Two programs are scheduled for the month of February.  Women business owners and entrepreneurs will work with one of our members, Robyn McClure. She is a franchise owner of a new business opening this Spring, Pinot’s Pallette. Robyn previously worked with franchisees to help them build their business foundations, clients, and marketing plans. She will share with participants, February 12, how to build their business and personal brand in today’s marketplace. In an era where many people are self-branding their expertise, she will share strategies to adjust your plan for your business success. Space is limited for this workshop.


Our second program is designed for women interested in learning more about political leadership and advocacy. It’s very exciting to see the increase of women becoming involved in the community and political leadership. Special and Mid Year elections are on the horizon in your community. How do you step UP to the plate?

Connect with a collaborative panel of professionals who will:

* Share their personal experiences

* Share their thoughts on how serving is different than running and how to be effective as a legislator

* Share which policy issues are most important to women business owners right now

Facilitated by Krysta Jones, Founder of Virginia Leadership Institute, she will help participants debunk some of the myths one may hold of political leadership. Bring your questions, address the panel, invite colleagues and build strategic alliances.

Pre-Registration is Requested by February 12th

We will look forward to embrace dynamic NEW programs, NEW networks, and NEW alliances to help you move closer to your goals in 2015. Here’s to building the NET WORTH for one another!



It’s GIVING Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving with their friends and family! I was blessed to have my mom visit for a few weeks to help me wind down the year on the household front. It felt GREAT to take my time decorating for the Christmas holiday and taking a few extra moments of rest for myself.   She’s AMAZING and I understand how blessed I am to have her in my life.  Did you ever hear the phrase, “Every woman needs a wife?”  We love our spouses, significant others, and friends but there is something magical about having giving women around you as you prepare for next steps.  I think I’m beginning to understand what that means in every sense of my most recent transitions.

I was also grateful to have met a second cousin who I’ve not seen since she was in diapers.  She lives and works within 20 minutes of me!  She’s really excited to attend a 2015 WBIS meeting. Over the next few weeks, I will attempt some new cookie recipes. If you have a favorite, please send it to me.   I remember during the first few years of WBIS in Springfield VA, we attempted a cookie exchange. Quite an odd event for a professional women’s group but it was well worth the sweet risk.  The first year, everyone made and brought their favorite cookies to our December meeting. The second year, one of our members launched her gourmet baking business and for the next 2 years, many called on Gales Treats for their WBIS Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange cookies!  Now that I reflect on that time, how great are we as an ever evolving organization building our business foundations and supporting women with their gifts, talents, passion and unique ideas in our own special way?

WBIS has definitely evolved over time and we are very excited about our NEW program, The WBIS NetGIVING Foundation.  Our members have contributed funds to various non-profits over the years and we dispersed the funds to women who were on the rise of building their non-profit organizations and business endeavors.  The new program, WBIS NetGIVING Foundation is a Donor Advised Fund of United Charitable Programs, a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) public charity (Tax ID# 20-4286082).  The mission of the NetGIVING Fund is to support entrepreneurs who want to combine their business building acumen with their drive to support the community.  Monies are destined to be distributed to organizations that enhance the opportunity for advanced education and business development of women and girls in the growth mode of their careers.  During our soft launch this past November, we were able to begin collection of funds to the Foundation directly and had much fun, connecting with one another.  It was great to reconnect with a colleague who was active at the WBIS years ago.  She used to be a Direct Sales Consultant and today is an executive at a trade association. She’s a TRUE WINNER and we appreciate her commitment to WBIS in recognizing, we are here for one’s  journey to success!

If you missed the November NetGIVING Foundation mixer, we are looking to build another NetGIVING event for Spring.  We would appreciate your consideration in helping us launch a NEW idea to build our social responsibility platform. Inbox Us if you would like to assist. We have the protocol….searching for 5 exuberant women to help the event come to fruition. We want to continue the mission of assisting women in business and career growth while we are building our 2015 endeavors too! If you do not have the time to commit and are passionate about helping other women with their business and life goals,  let’s CELEBRATE the NetGIVING Foundation on this GIVING TUESDAY  day. No cookies to bake this year! Simply make a donation of any amount to the NetGIVING Foundation by clicking the link. If you would like to bake cookies with me, I’m open to scheduling a day over the next few weeks too!

BEST to the remainder of the Holiday Season for you and your families. Thank You for all you do to contribute to the success of WBIS in the community. SAVE the date for January 8 for our next formal meeting. Please, if you have questions about WBIS or the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section. We’ll be online to address your questions today until 2pm.



WBIS began as an idea in 2003 to help forge professional relationships in the community for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate their best selves. During the process we have experienced the ebbs and flows of navigating the economy, the culture of the area we live and continue to work diligently, bringing valuable community resources to the table for women to learn, build and grow their unique business models.  The economy has changed and so has the personal economy of some participants. NO WORRIES…we strive to deliver topics per our member requests, providing the motivation and CAN DO attitude as you move toward your next steps.  The core of our effervescent educators and community partners is frankly, over the top as you might have experienced and embraced!  As the membership expanded across the NOVA area and our members began launching their brands and expertise to new territories, we found the need at times to host educational luncheons, 1/2 day workshops and a mini-conference, exposing our members’ expert gifts they deliver to their clients. Many profitable and valuable relationships have developed over the years for our participants, which in turn keeps the heart of the WBIS alive no matter the seasons of organizational development.  Thank YOU to each person who has rolled up their sleeves and invested in cultivating the core of who the WBIS is and how it currently serves the community. We are grateful for your GREATNESS!

Your GREATNESS impacts the women you meet at the WBIS by:

  1. Allowing women entrepreneurs to voice their thoughts, share experiences and cultivate relationships over time.  If you have not facilitated a WBIS meeting, we would LOVE for you to become a speaker.
  2. Allowing women of diverse business models to be accepted and embrace a changing environment where self-branding and best practices lead to growth individually and collectively.
  3. Allowing the WBIS to create a special fund that supports women in niche businesses. Learn more about our NetGIVING Foundation.

Together we create NEW opportunities for one another, accomplish NEW projects for the economic development of community and continue to build a NEW landscape for women to thrive in the diverse communities we serve.

From my heart to the next steps…THANK YOU for your support and may your blessings continue to be bountiful in your 2015 journey to success.