A New Year for a NEW Season and NEW Results!

2015 is here and we send our best to you, your families and employees.  A group of visionary women launched the year with a team of phenomenal women who shared their best gifts to help others with focus, clarity and life strategies to propel them forward in their 2015 plan. We discussed personal values and how they transfer to your business culture. Jeannie Armstrong, challenged the group to identify one value that describes them and explain how they apply that value to their business models.

We discussed financial protection of your business, personal finance and building your legacy. Here’s a good example of a point made by Mary Grate-Pyos.  How many times have you decided that your ‘Emergency Fund’ needs to be at a certain level?   Do you realize how powerful your words are? They are so powerful as you have just implied an emergency may take place and you have just enough money to cover it.  Let’s move into 2015 with different language…Let’s call this fund our Peace of Mind Fund.

As the morning progressed, the workshop unfolded in a very unique manner.  It was a refreshing time for some, as participants felt very comfortable sharing their spiritual side and speaking into existence the progression of personal goals they seek for their 2015 success plan. Participants shared specific changes they want for themselves exclusively as they delve into their passion and business model transformations.    As participants began working on their vision board with collaboration taking place amongst one another, you could feel the exuberance and see the action steps that are going to shape their greatness for this year!  Thank You to Linda Wheeler, everyone had a great start to designing their vision boards. We decided a follow-up meeting needs to take place so that this unique group can come together and build stronger relationships with one another. They want to share their finished project and explain how they may need the assistance from each other to move into action. If you would like to connect with a group of women who share this same mindset, please take a moment to upload your professional profile to the website, www.wbis.biz. We will send you a note regarding their follow up the meeting. If you attended the Mission, Vision, Goal Setting workshop, please feel free to share your experience below.

Remember, change brings opportunity.

Speaking of change, the WBIS is looking forward to an N E W YEAR! We have adjusted our schedule to incorporate alternating monthly morning and luncheon education opportunities along with our half-yearly, NetGIVING Foundation event taking place in April. We need movers and shakers to help us out, and would LOVE to have your collaboration!


Two programs are scheduled for the month of February.  Women business owners and entrepreneurs will work with one of our members, Robyn McClure. She is a franchise owner of a new business opening this Spring, Pinot’s Pallette. Robyn previously worked with franchisees to help them build their business foundations, clients, and marketing plans. She will share with participants, February 12, how to build their business and personal brand in today’s marketplace. In an era where many people are self-branding their expertise, she will share strategies to adjust your plan for your business success. Space is limited for this workshop.


Our second program is designed for women interested in learning more about political leadership and advocacy. It’s very exciting to see the increase of women becoming involved in the community and political leadership. Special and Mid Year elections are on the horizon in your community. How do you step UP to the plate?

Connect with a collaborative panel of professionals who will:

* Share their personal experiences

* Share their thoughts on how serving is different than running and how to be effective as a legislator

* Share which policy issues are most important to women business owners right now

Facilitated by Krysta Jones, Founder of Virginia Leadership Institute, she will help participants debunk some of the myths one may hold of political leadership. Bring your questions, address the panel, invite colleagues and build strategic alliances.

Pre-Registration is Requested by February 12th

We will look forward to embrace dynamic NEW programs, NEW networks, and NEW alliances to help you move closer to your goals in 2015. Here’s to building the NET WORTH for one another!



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