NetGIVING Foundation

The WBIS NetGIVING Foundation is a Donor Advised Fund of United Charitable Programs, a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) public charity (Tax ID# 20-4286082).  The mission of the NetGIVING fund is to support entrepreneurs who want to combine their business building acumen with their drive to support the community.  Monies are destined to be distributed to organizations that enhance the opportunity for advanced education and business development of women and girls in the growth mode of their careers.

As a member of the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation you give:

  • Funding
  • A higher public profile
  • An opportunity to meet potential volunteers

As part of the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation you get:

  • An opportunity to showcase your services and products
  • To support a cause you believe in without ‘doing it all’ by yourself (planning, baking, hosting, check writing,etc. Who has the time?!)
  • Purpose-filled networking(that’s why it’s called NetGIVING)
  • As a host, your business is widely promoted along with the event using a variety of WBIS resources to ensure a successful experience benefiting a deserving organization. EVERYONE WINS!

In addition to your financial investment, WBIS NetGIVING Foundation Members:

  • Commit to attending a minimum of 2WBIS NetGIVING Foundation events at no extra charge during your membership year. You do not have to host an event.
  • A percent of the membership fee goes directly to the community-based service organization as designated by the Fund Advisory Team.
  • One hundred percent of the funds collected during the event are collected by/made payable to WBIS NetGIVING Foundation. The funds are distributed by a percentage to the beneficiary organization and a percentage to the WBIS NetGIVING Foundation administration.

Additional WBIS NetGIVING FoundationMembership Information:

  • A 60 Minute Strategic Partnership Meeting. These intimate gatherings are business consultations for new and renewing members hosted by the WBIS Leadership Team. It is an opportunity for us to better understand your business needs, the resources you need to grow, and how we can work together to support your success. These meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except July)
  • WBIS NetGIVING Foundation Welcome Kit
  • Full Luncheon Price

    READY to make a difference? DONATE NOW & Let’s Collaborate!

We are seeking women to help us with our NetGIVING Socials! You do not have to own a business to be part of our NetGIVING Foundation Initiatives.

WBIS has a unique idea and will need YOUR help to make it a success! Interested to become part of our Organizing Committee?  We have the protocol established. We simply need you to devote some time to help us implement and build a unique event that provides critical support for a diverse collection of local, national and international organizations with established track records of helping people and the environment in our area!

Here are the type of volunteers we are initially looking for to assist us:

  • Logistics Guru
  • Publicity Expert
  • Organization Liaison
  • Volunteer Coordinator

If that describes you and you have an exuberant personality, Let’s GIFT IT UP!